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Marius Enache

Marius Enache

(The owner of and the creator of Antreno Genesis child theme)

What is Antreno?

Antreno is a free Genesis child theme.

I have developed this theme from scratch, and its primary purpose is to be a WordPress theme optimized for blogging, SEO, lead generation, and personal branding.

While there are many WordPress themes or Genesis child themes that I could've used for my blog, I wanted something that can fulfill all my needs and requirements without loading my blog with useless features that I'll never use.

In addition to the already powerful SEO features inherited from the Genesis Framework, Antreno includes many other useful features.


SEO Friendly

Because it's a child for Genesis Framework, Antreno inherits all the SEO friendly code and features of Genesis.

Highly Customizable

Antreno has many options that enable you to change the appearance of your website without being a programmer and without editing the code.

​Translation Ready

If you want your website to be in another language than English, you can translate your site by altering a single file.

Optimized for Leads

Antreno theme is optimized for lead generation and facilitates the list building (integrates with Aweber, Getresponse and arpReach).

Ads Ready

Easily display ads to various areas of your website which are proven to convert and where's the most user's attention.


Fast Loading

Because it is not loaded with hundreds of useless fancy features, your site is always going to be fast when you use Antreno.

See the "Antreno Theme Features" section below for a complete list of features of Antreno Genesis child theme.

What did I build Antreno?

I've built this child theme with the only purpose of using it for my blog at 

After finishing my blog, I started to write a guide about how to start a blog from scratch. ​While I was writing this guide, I realized that some people who follow this guide might be interested using the same theme.

My first idea was to sell it, but knowing that many people who will read my blog are going to be beginners with limited funds and because you also need the Genesis Framework for the theme to work (which is currently $59.95, one-time fee), the costs would add up, and many people won't afford.

Therefore, I've decided to give Antreno for free as a gift for my blog's readers.

This way, you only to pay for the Genesis Framework and you receive the child theme free of charge.

Studiopress, the company that has developed and sell the Genesis Framework also has an affiliate program and if you purchase the Genesis Framework using
my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission from the sale price of the framework. Don't worry. The price won't increase at all.

So, it's a win-win situation. You get to only pay the price of Genesis Framework and receive Antreno child theme for free and I receive a tiny commission from Studiopress if you purchase Genesis using my affiliate link.

What if I have already purchased Genesis Framework? Do I have to buy it again?

No, if you already own Genesis Framework license, then you will still receive my child theme for free just because you are reading my blog.

What is the Genesis Framework?

Genesis Framework is a WordPress theme framework developed by StudioPress since 2010. In the present, Genesis is the foundation of hundreds of thousands of sites.

While it plays the role of a framework, Genesis is at its core just a parent WordPress theme that can easily be extended by a child theme.

Genesis is not meant to be used alone. By itself, the framework has very little styling, and its primary purpose is to be used as a foundation for the WordPress theme developers.

Besides reducing developers' working time, are there other benefits of using Genesis?

Yes, the main advantages of Genesis are the SEO friendly structure (semantic HTML code, HTML5, and markup integration) and the secure and optimized code.

A Genesis child theme inherits these features and additionally, gives the appearance of your site, as well as extra features.

Is Genesis a one-time fee or a recurring payment?

You only have to pay once (one-time fee) for Genesis and you can then use the framework for as many sites as you want. 

Can I use Genesis with other themes?

Yes, besides Antreno, there are many other free and premium child themes for the Genesis framework. Studiopress company also use Genesis as a base for all their premium WordPress themes.

Can I use Antreno without Genesis?

No. Antreno is a WordPress child theme that was built to extend Genesis and can only function when the Genesis framework is installed and active.

​Read my full Genesis Framework review for more information about this theme .

Act now, while Antreno it's still FREE

Based on the people's demand, I might even consider selling the theme in the future, so I cannot guarantee you that Antreno child theme will still be free the next time you visit this page. However, if you get it now, it will remain free forever for you.

Antreno child theme features

Features inherited from Genesis:

SEO Friendly - The HTML code of your website is well-structured, semantic and the search engines will love your site. Markup - is a common project started by the major search engines. is the name of a structured data markup schema supported by the major search engines and its purpose is to help the search engines understand the information on web pages beter and provide richer search results (including images, star ratings, product price, etc.). 

Customizable Header - Upload your own logo or a big banner image.

Theme Customizer - Preview the changes you make to your site in real-time before the changes are saved and displayed to your site's visitors.

Theme Options - Customize your website with just a few clicks, without the need to be a programmer or to touch a single line of code.

Custom Sidebar - You can choose the sidebar position for almost every page of your site. Display a left sidebar, a right sidebar or no sidebar.

Custom Background - Quickly change the background of your site with the help of a color picker.

Built-in SEO options - Enhance the power of WordPress with the built-in SEO options of Genesis.

Prev/Next or Numeric Pagination - Choose between a prev/next link pagination or display a numeric pagination.

Breadcrumbs - Display the breadcrumbs for your site with the built-in Genesis breadcrumb navigation.

And more...

Antreno additional features:

Mobile Responsive Layout - Antreno is built upon Foundation 6, a popular responsive front-end CSS and JavaScript framework that will make your site look good on the most devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc.).

Antreno responsive showcase presentation

Unlimited colors - Don't like the default colors? No problem, you can customize the appearance of your site from the multitude of color options without writing a single line of code. 

Everything is done with a color picker, and the changes are applied to your site once you hit the save button.

color picker
antreno customize site colors

Comments Subscriptions - When someone leaves a comment on one of your posts, that's a moment of high user engagement.
Why not use this interaction to get a new email subscriber?

Antreno theme allows you to give the commenter a free gift and subscribe the users who comment on your blog to a specific email list for each of your posts. Currently, Antreno integrates with Aweber, Getresponse and arpReach email list autoresponder.

comment subscription givaway

User Registration Subscription - If a user takes the time to register an account for your blog, that's a clear indicator that he is interested in your site.

With Antreno, you can easily subscribe the people who register on your site to your email list.

user registration subscription

3 Blog Post Archive Styles - You can choose between a modern Masonry grid blog post archive style or two more classical post styles.

1. Masonry Grid

For this post style, you can enable or disable the infinite scroll effect (posts will load automatically when a visitor scrolls down the page).

masonry grid post

2. Featured Image Top

image top post style

3. Featured Image Left

image left post style

Google Fonts  - Never get bored of your blog's fonts again. Antreno uses the Google Fonts API and you can select any font from the Google Fonts website and use it for your blog. You can switch between fonts with only a few clicks.

Google Fonts

Sharing Buttons - Encourage your visitors to share your blog's content with the built-in sharing buttons for posts. No need to use a plugin for that.

You can display these buttons after the post's title or/and after content.

post sharing buttons
post sharing buttons bottom

Two Navigation Menus - Antreno registers two menus. You can enable the top navigation bar, a main navigation menu, or both.

Top Menu

The top menu can also be set to sticky, which means that the menu bar will still be visible at the top of the page even when you scroll down a page.

antreno top menu

Main Menu

Main menu is displayed after the content of the header and before the main content of the site.

antreno mai menu

Featured Menu Item - You can easily make one of your menu tabs stand out by adding a special class to that particular menu item.

featured menu item

Top Fixed Ad Bar - You can display any message in this highly visible area of your site (before any content and before the top menu). This ad bar will remain visible even when you visitors scroll down the page. 

top fixed ad bar

Fake Comment Ad - You will be amazed how many people are reading the comments of the blog posts (I'm one of them). Therefore, why would you waste such a valuable exposure?

Antreno allows you to set a general (ad) comment that will be displayed as the first comment on every post.

You can choose a real post author from the administrators or the editors of your site. The ad looks exactly like a comment, and no one will know that that it's actually an ad.

comment ad
fake comment options

Social Profiles Bar - Branding is essential for a blog owner. Antreno allows you to display a "Connect with me" bar above footer's widgets.

connect with me

Sticky Sidebar - Get more exposure for your content in the primary sidebar by making the sidebar sticky. That will display the sidebar to the visitors even when they scroll down the page.

sticky sidebar

Multiple Sidebars - Antreno theme registers multiple sidebars. While these are called by WordPress "sidebars", some of these are just areas where you can add widgets.

antreno genesis child theme sidebars

4 Footer Widgets - The footer area of Antreno child theme is divided into four areas where you can place any sidebar widgets.

antreno footer widgets

Cookie Notice Bottom Bar - The EU laws require site owners to display a cookie usage notification for the visitors. Antreno makes this easy by giving you an option to display a notification bar (at the bottom of the page) to the new visitors of your site.

When someone clicks the "Accept" button, the user won't see the bar anymore until clearing his/her web browser's cookies.

cookie notification bar

Related Posts - Displays a list of related posts to the current post based on the post tags.

related posts

Facebook Comments - You can allow users to comment with their Facebook account. The Facebook comments will be displayed before the WordPress comments.

facebook comments

Branding Page Template - Antreno includes a page designed for personal branding. You can use this page for displaying a presentation video, testimonials from clients, your social network profiles, latest blog posts and sidebar widgets.

This page template can also be set as the front page of your site.

These are the main features on Antreno and more will be added gradually.

Antreno Theme FAQ

Q: Is Antreno Child theme Absolutely Free?

Yes. Antreno child theme is 100% free. The only cost is the price of Genesis Framework which is require for the theme to work ($59.95).

Q: Can I use Antreno Theme Without Genesis?

No. Antreno is a child theme for Genesis and cannot function without the parent theme.

Q: Where Can I buy Genesis?

Genesis Framework is sold by Studiopress.

Q: How Much Does Genesis Cost?

At this time, Genesis Framework costs $59.95, one-time fee. Once you have purchased Genesis, you are allowed to use it for an unlimited number of sites.

Q: Do You Offer Support For Antreno theme?

Yes. I do offer support for my theme on the support forum. However, since it's a free product, I will offer support during my free time. Therefore, please do not expect to receive support as for a paid product.

Q: Can I Use Antreno For Multiple Websites?

Yes. You can use Antreno for an unlimited number of sites.

Q: Can I Use Antreno For My Clients?

Yes. If you are a web developer, you can use Antreno for the websites of your clients without asking for my permission.

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